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Working with Google Docs

Tired of being tethered to your office application suite? Is your word processor too complex for your needs? Would you like to access and edit all of your documents, worksheets, and presentations from any web browser? Are your colleagues constantly emailing comments about your documents or recommending changes?

Come to our demonstration of Google Docs!

Google Docs will free you from complex, overweight office software. With built-in support for document sharing and collaboration, multiple people can contribute at the same time. You can even upload your existing files and continue working on them with Google Docs' simple, intuitive interface and tools.

Course Outline
An introduction to Google Docs

 - Requirements
 - Features

Creating and Editing
 - Word processing documents
 - Spreadsheets
 - Presentations
 - Other tools

 - Sharing files
 - Simultaneous editing

 - Downloading documents
 - Printing

Tips and Tricks